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Buy spektakel Music, more places to buy spektakel music online. '7 Pounds Tommy' is the long track in charge of the ambitious track to fulfill the album's second half? The track does seem to take its time getting going though and continues on the same theme for quite some time, except for a few heavier parts here and there. Spektakel Videos (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS etc). The guitar playing at the end reminds me somewhat of The Allman Brothers' Band, which I really like. Those sorts of things? The music provides some surprises as it has varied combination of high and low points. Spektakel biography, spektakel was formed as a trio in 1969.

krakel spektakel skivan

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Five minutes in, the track starts to get a lot more interesting and changes pace slightly. Once the languid ambience returns, the stage is set for the elaboration of a bombastic climax, which keeps things controlled enough as to not become overdone. Expect more King skägg Crimson (Starless and Red era) sounds here though, due to the guitar, mellotron and percussion. Their common bond was a passion for spontaneous inprovisations and the music of Deep Purple. Organ to the fore after 5 minutes with a beat and vocals. Laughter 10 minutes in and other samples including a birth? Legal Notice Privacy Policy Advertise RSS syndications Other sites in the MAC network: m jazz music reviews and archives m metal music reviews and archives. Ultimately this was the reason why this version of the band only lasted one year. "7 Pounds Tommy" (17:34) brings the music into higher energy with excellent mirakelkräm combination of keyboard / organ, guitar and bass guitar.


Unfortunately this band was short-lived. The band rehearsed constantly. Mellotron a minute later as it picks up and the guitar retreats. Where this album has faults, is in its production. The vocals are a little weak, but they're pleasant enough. It starts off a little slow, but as soon as Heinz Frhling's guitar playing kicks in, along with the keyboard runs of Detlef Wledecke, I knew I was about to hear some great music. Once an agile 5/4 jam and a latter ethereal sequence full of typically progressive textures follow, the stage is set for the installation of the main motif. This band really has captivated me with this 1974 release. Two of the members (Eduard Schicke and Heinz Frhling) of Spektakel would later go on to form the symphonic prog band Schicke, Fhrs Frhling (SFF who are a little more well known in the prog world.

Throughout the opening., the music flow with some breaks demonstrating guitar mat solo or mellotron blast. Som letade land och rike runt för att samla in folkviseuppteckningar och ge ut dem i samlingar, men som i slutet av sitt liv valde bort musiken för att börja forska på barns bildskapande. A calm before 2 1/2 minutes with guitar and mellotron then it calms down even more after 4 minutes with relaxed guitar as the mellotron returns. And the most interesting track on the album, this track seems to fade-in, which is not something I'm used too. As the inlay says this band always started their gigs with cover of Deep Purple followed with long improvisations until the gigs were ended 5 hours later.

Spektakels gigs became legendary for their enormous light show and the equipment that was used. Drums are played dynamically here. Buy spektakel Prog Rock Digital Music online: spektakel discography, ordered by release date Showing ratings (top albums) Help m to complete the discography and add albums, spektakel top albums (CD, LP, MC, sacd, DVD-A, Digital Media Download). This is all so interesting and adventerous. The only weak part of this track are the bells that come in 3/4 of the way through are maybe a little too much. Spektakels music blended all styles from hard rock to 12-tone-music!

Krakel Spektakel Skivan (CD) at Discogs - Krakel spektakel skivan

"No No Not You" is the live bonus track at over 20 minutes. Spektakel Official Singles, EPs, Fan Club Promo (CD, ep/lp, MC, Digital Media Download). But the long live bonus seems noisy and too much "psychedelic" to my taste (without it, I'd add one star to my rate). In a way it reminds me also on the music of early Eloy. They wrote music and lyrics together. Social review comments Review Permalink Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2004 Review this album Report (Review 28950) Studio Album, 1974.83 34 ratings BUY Spektakel Spektakel Eclectic Prog Review by loserboy Prog Reviewer Pre - SFF (Schicke Fuhrs Frohling) symphonic German prog offering some very tasty. This is a band who loved to improvize and put on these big light shows during their concerts. They found an isolated rehearsal space in the countryside where they could jam.

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However, there is a heavy symphonic feel to them that is different to King Crimson. Eclectic Prog Germany, from m, the ultimate progressive rock music website. The way the keyboards and guitar unite on here are great and they work quite well together. Social review comments Review Permalink Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Review this album Report (Review 775066) Studio Album, 1974.83 34 ratings BUY Spektakel Spektakel Eclectic Prog Review by Cesar Inca Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator The sole, namesake album by Spektakel is an uncrowned top. Next is a minimalistic section featuring dual mellotrons, very much a-la Tangerine Dream.


The intro is really promising and it represents the early 70s style. Hellsing wrote about 400 children's songs from the 1950s until his passing in 2015. Laila Barkefors, författaren, lennart Hellsing, visforskaren med mera, christina Mattsson och Knut Brodins dotter. The end of the track states a well-balanced closure for the album's official repertoire. This is the creation of Tommy. Looking at the inlay, it's quite surprising that the bad was actually a Deep Purple cover band because the music presented here in this album is much proggier than any Deep Purple albums. Spektakel Reviews, showing last 10 reviews only, studio Album, 1974.83 34 ratings.

Krakel spektakel skivan - Krakel Spektakel Skivan at Discogs

Eclectic Prog Germany, from m, the ultimate progressive rock music website. Spektakel biography, spektakel was formed as a trio in 1969. Detlef Wiedecke (guitar Eduard Schicke (drums and Werner Protzner (bass were all members of Oldenburgs underground rock scene. Their common bond was a passion for spontaneous inprovisations and the music of Deep Purple. They found an isolated rehearsal space in the countryside where they could jam. These sessions would go on for hours, sometimes even days! Gigs would always start with cover versions of Deep Purple songs and end with long improvisations. Spektakel concerts would sometimes last for five hours.

Vocals are back after 4 minutes with that earlier soundscape. Overall a great album which I find fits perfect for my tastes and has not been off my CD player since the day I first listened. "The Eternal Question" opens with piano, drums and more that build. PFM of all bands. From his mother's wedding (from what I can tell to his actual birth. Heinz and Ede joined with Gerd Fhrs to form Schicke Fhrs Frhling. An excellent start to an album. Big Boss' Eyes This track is much more of a catchy and straight forward track, but don't let that put you off. Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW social review comments Review Permalink Posted Monday, May 7, 2007 Review this butik album Report (Review 120971) Studio Album, 1974.83 34 ratings BUY Spektakel Spektakel Eclectic Prog Review by VanderGraafKommandh Prog Reviewer An especially unknown band.

  • Krakel spektakel skivan
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with an exciting exercise on consistent dynamics, while retaining the density generated during the preceding section. Laughing and more voices. "7 Pounds Tommy" opens with a catchy and impressive instrumental display. The music then gives a chance for bass guitar to showcase the low register notes, accentuated with mellotron sounds at background. A haunting mellotron laden improv. There is also some rather nice percussion playing by Eduard Schicke. Still an interesting track nonetheless, but because it's a bonus and it's live, the track really doesn't fit in with the overall sound of the original album and also goes on for too long. The album gets started right away with rocking colors, featuring a robust mixture of psychedelic atmospheres and effective drum rolls: this is the beginning of 'The Eternal Question the track that occupies the first 15 minutes in the album. Anyway, I enjoyed the first three tracks a lot, precisely due the generous Mellotron use.

This is where the vocals really start to get a bit odd, yet I find, quite compelling. And I found in it very nice moments and the typical seventies sound, but far away from a masterpiece. In terms of music approach, this band is quite unique as the members of the band and their families live together in the same house and they wrote songs together. Overall tone of the song is dark with some excellent variation of styles after lyrical verses. Jo, samme man som under sin tid som konsertpianist spred budskapet om moderna tonsättare, men också grävde fram musik av de äldre, bortglömda svenska kompositörerna. I'm quite familiar with the latter as it was part of my collection in the past during my schooldays. This track has a jazz rock/fusion feel to it and sets my foot tapping immediately. Search and add more videos to spektakel.

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I love the aforementioned bands and ponder their input for the evolution of German prog rock very positively, but the truth is that the finesse and energy created by Spektakel mat were superior highlights in the first half of the 70s. Do not be misled by these words? The album starts off with an epic "The Eternal Question" (15:32) with a blast of music that reminds me to a mixture of King Crimson, Van Der Graff Generator, Genesis and Deep Purple music with attractive guitar solo in a style of King Crimson's Robert. Detlef Wiedecke (guitar Eduard Schicke (drums and Werner Protzner (bass were all members of Oldenburgs underground rock scene. A clock finally goes off and the music proper starts again. When I saw in the line-up words such "Mellotron, Moog, Hammond" I acquired this cd immediatly.

Krakel spektakel skivan
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krakel spektakel skivan
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