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Jay, I just got your vanilla chocolate whey protein they are without question the best I've ever had! Just had your famous Blueberry Power Pancakes, made with Jay Robb Vanilla Protein, for mmmm! Each serving of our whey is 30 grams and contains 150mg of sodium. We have gone to great lengths to provide the highest-quality product possible from animals that are treated humanely and not given synthetic hormones. A 50/50 ( or Creamsicle) tasting shake!  Our whey protein isolate is NOT imported from China. . I use a shot of whipped cream instead of the heavy cream since I usually have that on hand for my son's pancakes. Whether you admit it or not, you want to look fantastic. Is your protein powder pasteurized?

one whey protein

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One whey protein - One, world, whey Protein : New Formula Now Shipping!

I am also hypoglycemic and this helps stabilize by blood sugar. Mix in some berries and peanut butter with growing ice and honey, and you have in my opinion, the best protein drink on the market. My system works and NOW is the time to take action. This tastes so good, and is so great as a base test to all kinds of different shakes. My left hip, which is chronically painful, feels rejuvenated. It took me a while to find a protein powder that was natural and tasted good. I didn't abuse powders, but I have had my share, and none in the world compare to your powder. I like Jay Robb chocolate whey. I am chemical sensitive, which is probably why I react so severely to artificial sweeteners.


Casein makes my stomach hurt when I consume. We would never compromise quality to increase our bottom line. Exercise allows a woman to create a firm, sexy body that has the curves and contour of a movie star or glamour model. The powder mixes easily with a spoon, although small lumps stay behind. It must have been all the junk in the other brands. Fat Less than 20 g 25 g Cholesterol Less than 300 mg 300 mg Sodium Less than 2,400 mg 2,400 mg Potassium Less than 3,500 mg 3,500 mg Total Carbohydrate 300 g 375 g Dietary Fiber 25 g. Every bite of food you take and everything you drink creates the physical you. I have tried the Pina Colada flavor which is wonderful.

Is that just marketing? . I see that you carry several types of munsår protein powder. In summary, casein is a cheap protein that makes companies a larger profit margin. There is nothing wrong with this mindset. I'm munsår fully convinced now there's nothing better out there. Granted, I haven't tried it on its own, I always mix it in to a smoothie.

This protein powder is definitely the best I've ever had (and I've had them all). Trying to motivate myself to drink one a day as a meal replacement and this is definitely one I could use to replace a meal. I feel that most people do not realize his or her full potential because they have NO control over their thoughts. Thanks for such a great product.

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Bernadette Hello, Since September I have dropped 50 pounds and have made significant strength gains in the gym. I love love love Jay Robb whey protein powder (chocolate and vanilla.) -.B. It's really helping me lose weight. Some individuals don't consume egg products because of spiritual beliefs, or food allergies, so iams the whey might be the best choice for them. I haven't tried the Strawberry, simply because I have a sensitivity to strawberries. Thanks much for your production, information, and time. Are the animals treated humanely and are they pasture raised? It says your cows are grass-fed.

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Within the 3 days, I swear to you, I lost 10 lbs.  Kathryn A really BIG thanks for a protein powder that I can actually enjoy, instead of just trying to "slug down." I really enjoy the Jay Robb whey protein powders and am looking forward to trying some of the other Jay Robb products. Your diet is your fat melter and exercise is your body shaper. I personally use Jay Robb Whey Protein in my every day diet and training, both on season and off.  I can assure you these are high quality, consistent products.


How refreshing to find a product of such high quality with such high standards! I like that Jay Robb uses stevia to sweeten the powder and not the Splenda we see everywhere. I love your products! Just got mine yesterday and I must say that it met my expectations. I make the Jamocha shake every morning for breakfast that is in the Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure book (page 95) The Belly Fat Cure: Discover the New Carb Swap System and Lose 4 to 9 lbs.

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M/./ -174026, does anyone (preferable a doctor or anyone with a lot of knowledge) know if there is any relation between whey protein, weight loss and above all. Whey Protein (Molkenprotein Pulver) ist das beliebteste Protein-Supplement für alle, die nach ihrer attraktiven Figur arbeiten. Warum das so ist, wie und wofür man es verwendet und alle Vor- und Nachteile von Whey das wird in den kommenden Abschnitten näher erläutert. Was ist Whey Protein? Whey Protein auch Molkenprotein genannt ist ein Protein, das als Nebenprodukt aus der Käseherstellung gewonnen wird. Die hieraus gewonnene Molke enthält zunächst nur relativ wenig Whey, dafür unter anderem Kohlenhydrate, Fette und Lactose. Damit am Ende ein hochkonzentriertes Eiweiß entsteht, werden verschiedene Filtrationsmethoden verwendet, die das Wasser entziehen und je nach Filtration die enthaltene Lactose (Milchzucker) fast auf ein Minimum reduzieren. So entsteht am Ende ein reines Whey-Protein mit einem sehr hohen Eiweiß- sowie sehr niedrigem Kohlenhydrat- und Fettanteil.

There is NO heat used during the cold-filter processing of our whey protein formula. This is the first product I've found that I can stomach. Great taste, good blending. It is delicious and does not need anything added. Jay Robb Whey Protein contains NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, NO aspartame, NO acesulfame-K, and NO sucralose. I have been making protein powder smoothies for my lunch for about 12 years and the Jay Robb is by far the best I've tried. Only microfiltered whey protein isolate is used as the protein source, and this material comes from farm-raised, pasture-grazed, grass-fed cows not treated with pris the synthetic bovine growth hormone rBGH.

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Jay for the great products. I'm not a sugar user though, so I could see how someone could think it's not sweet enough as it's not overpowering. Thank you so much! Thank you for such great stuff! I have tried many brands in the past and all hurt my stomach so I assumed I was allergic to the whey.

The dictionary states: "Casein is a white, tasteless, odorless, milk and cheese protein that is used to make plastics, adhesives, paints, and foods." Casein is a very cheap protein used by companies to offer pliability to protein bars, and to save money on the production. And what's more, it tastes great! I use 6 ice cubes, 1 banana, 1 scoop powder, 2 large T peanut butter and vanilla rice milk (enough to make the right consistency.) And it's awesome! I feel like I am really drinking the Arby's Jamocha shake. Easy to digest and great taste! Does your whey protein contain the hormones rBGH or BST? I heard about whey-based protein powder for the first time in my liver transplant support group several years ago.

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Do your whey protein powders contain added sugars, carbohydrates, aspartame or artificial sweeteners? I want to thank you for the speedy check out process and delivery! Thanks for keeping it real, - Heidi I just recently purchased your Vanilla Whey Protein Powder. My husband and I both love this protein shake- it tastes great and is a nice little afternoon pick-me-up for me because it is so full of protein. It is great after a workout, before a workout and sometimes even as läppen a meal replacement.

One whey protein
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one whey protein
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