Completely shaved penis

completely shaved penis

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This tiny cuts allow foreign substance in, which tends to cause irritation and sometimes infection. You will need to be at the edge, but still able to feel stable. If you do decide to go for it and maintain this look, you will eventually be able to shave more quickly and you will learn what positions while shaving are most convenient. 12, minimize skin irritation. After you trim your long hair off your scrotum the first time in the bathroom, you can trim your scrotum hair more easily by lying on your bed on your back. If you use a clipper make sure you use a 0 or 1 blade on it, if you do it will cut almost as close as a razor blade. Consider shaving sitting in a very shallow hot bath. Never shave unless you use a shaving cream. The hot water in the bath will prepare the area for shaving better than showering.

Completely shaved penis - The Best Way

If you man just glide over the skin without applying pressure you won't cut yourself. Also, trim the hair surrounding them up to the navel and on your buttocks. Some people find that applying baby oil to the area immediately after shaving helps tremendously with the itch and irritation. You can also lather up and run a pumice stone over the shaved area to soften up the sharp edges of the hairs created by the razor blade. Begin by shaving slowly in the opposite direction your hair grows. This can be tricky and you will need to do this carefully. Dani Amanda Start with trimming it first, then start shaving; it's easier and doesn't tug on your hair as much. You can sanitize a razor by soaking it in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Some prefer cream to shave with the grain to prevent outbreaks of razor burn or ingrown hairs. After shaving your genital area, in order to help with any itch or irritation, you can wear some comfortable pants and avoid briefs.


Use some antiseptic cream to minimize skin irritation. You may also want to pull out very large hairs that may have been left over from inadequate trimming. The same applies to shaving. This is probably an ingrown hair. This can lead to itching and redness.

For the area above and around the penis, use the exact same technique. You could also shave on the inner upper side of your legs. If you like it super clean, grab a mirror which will help you in shaving the hair off. You may experience cuts and nicks during the initial few shaves.

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Don't have sexual intercourse immediately after shaving. You should also thoroughly moisturize the skin with unscented lotions or ointments. Be extremely careful with the blade! The piece of skin that goes between the shaft and the sack may be especially problematic. First, make sure you have the necessary tools and supplies: You will need some small, sharp scissors. If youve run out, use conditioner or soap for lather. It is nothing to worry about but should be examined by a doctor to prevent infection and to be sure it isn't an STD.

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If you cannot use a new razor, make sure to use a razor that is still sharp and also be sure the razor has been sanitized. You must rinse the razor thoroughly between each stroke. You can create any shape you want with this hair at the top in the pubic region. Don't be alarmed: just clean well, and eventually the skin will become more comfortable and resistant. How can I remove hair permanently? If you have herpes or an STD, wait until the cut is healed before you have safe sex.


Do not use a cheap or disposable razor with only a couple of blades. The following tips are for shaving against the direction of growth against the grain" - which produces the smoothest shave) but note that if you first shave in the direction the hair is growing, you will shorten most. Just make sure to stand out of the water to avoid watering down your shave lather, and constantly rinse your blade. The newer and more advanced razors are made in a way that are sharper, safer, and more durable. So all the advice and tips say that cuts and nicks are not really a big problem, but aren't your balls filled with veins and such?

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Rinse off and wash the area you shaved using mild soap. Can I Get My Pubic Hair Removed With Waxing? Do not slide the razor from side-to-side. You can apply baby powder to shaved areas that rub against each other, like the inner progesteronkräm thighs, to minimize friction.

  • Completely shaved penis
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  • Apply pre- shave oil to the shaft of your penis.
You may use the shave gel as a soap, as it has antibacterial properties to clean any bacteria that may get into your pores. Lather the area with the best shaving cream intended for sensitive skin, such as Taylor Bond Shaving Cream. These are products that "melt" the hair away. For itching you can use unscented anti-itch cream (or scented if not available) as this will alleviate the itch. Hair removal is your decision. Preparing For The Shaving Process. This is going to minimize the number of cuts you get by adding in moisture throughout. Warnings Salt on an open wound hurts, so too does sweat on a recently shaved scrotum. Show more answers Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

This helps prevent the skin from drying and becoming irritated after shaving. If you have a girlfriend or female friend, this will help. If you're using an electric razor, it can drop in the toilet so it's best to do it somewhere else. It would be a real embarrassment to go through this much trouble to impress someone you are just assuming would be turned on by you having no hair just to find out that they are far from impressed. Be careful not to get it into any cuts, and if skin is sensitive to aluminium, stay away from this tip, or just use aluminium free deodorant. You can also choose to shave the lower genital area and go with a trimmed look higher up into the pubic region as mentioned above. Continue using plenty of water and shaving gel and keep the razor free of hair. Avoid anything that will cause you to sweat for the first day.

How to, shave Men s Genitals (Illustrated ) Bellatory | Completely shaved penis

Yes, you can have this done. This will prevent any irritation and helps with itching. WikiHow Contributor It is completely your choice. The baby oil helps seal these cuts. Some people do not like hairless genitals and might even be turned off. When applying it, do not allow any of the cream to get on the head (if uncircumcised, you can try to pull your foreskin well over your glans). If you naturally sweat a lot, mat applying baby powder after the baby oil has absorbed can help.

Completely shaved penis
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completely shaved penis
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