Spanish slang for penis

The correct spelling (of this incorrect word) is güey, which is derived from the word buey for. Fart pedir la luna idiom. Rogue; rascal; sly person. Well, as an anonymous commenter wrote on my article Top Ten Mexican Slang, mention mom and the fight. Tope Well end this list with a word thats not just slang, but a big part of any Mexican experience, especially if you drive. Carnal is used for a very close friend, often someones brother. Mala copa A mala copa is a bad drunk, you know one who loses control, fights and cries. Zócalo An essential word for travel, the zócalo is the main plaza or the central square of a city, otherwise known as the parque central. So, lets not waste any more time and start exploring the top fancy names given to penis in different places across the world.

spanish slang for penis

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Spanish slang for penis - What are other slang words for penis

And speaking of brothers, cuate (fraternal twin) is also used for a close rom friend. In Mexican slang, huevos can be used much more widely. manguera, picha, cipote, pito, vagina : Chirri, chocho, chichi, bizcocho, selva (if its hairy). Chavo is perhaps the most common, but others are eksem chamaco and morro. Another useful container for beer is a latón (big can a tall boy in English. Ya yo estoy hasta la madre, de que me pongan sombrero (The first line from Frijolero by Molotov, a great song full of Mexican slang). Pick up; collect; get pasar de la raya idiom. Chairo Chairos are the left-leaning, save-the-world types who believe in a socialist utopia.


Someone who is buena onda is cool or nice, while someone mala onda is not. Just in case por siempre idiom. Hasta la madre : To be sick of something. (lit.: to stick the eye;.b.: pegar appears in a number of idiom. So now without writing any further moment and holding your excitements further, lets discover the countless number of surprising names used for the dick. The euphemism for this is de la fregada. Just in case por si fuera poco idiom.

In this neck of the woods; around here por fin idiom. Put someone in his/her place. Pomo A pomo is a bottle of liquor. Start; begin; put into action poner en su sitio a alguien idiom. In the meantime; meanwhile por lo regular idiom. They are, in their basest form: madre, mamar, huevos, cabrón, and chingar of course with a few bonus ones mixed. Pre-party at somebody's home prior to going to a boliche. ( Simón is a slang substitute for sí, yes.) When used angrily, however, wey means something like dumbass or idiot. If you say me da hueva, it means something bores you.

Madre As I wrote above, in Mexican Slang padre isnt a bad word, but madre certainly. Outdated; passe; out of fashion pasar. Force oneself; push oneself. (lit.: to put to saving) poner el dedo en la llaga idiom. You can also say chupar, suck, as in vamos a chupar lets drink/get drunk. (lit.: pure thing) puta.f.

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The literal translation, Dont stain, is ridiculous because its simply a euphemism for the vulgar no mames. (used in Cono del Sur, esp. (These are often the most interesting words.) A jeta is a dirty look, a sour expression on your face. Changarro It means a small recept business, a little store or small restaurant. Head down the list to Bad Words for other vulgar expressions in Mexican slang. It can also be used to express that you have a lot of something not necessarily diarrhea. The penis is called by different names owing to different locations, the slang words used for it, and the variation in the name that is the result of modernisation of civilization. Old ladies, on the other hand, are usually called viejitas, with the diminutive softening the blow.

  • Spanish slang for penis
  • Slang, terms for, penis.
  • Penis : Rabo (this ones very funny to me because in Portugal rabo is butt pene.
  • Spain : "Pinto" means "small penis " in, spanish.

(used in Argentina) pasar a buscar idiom. A more informal version is, que tranza?, or the vulgar, que pedo? In the north of Mexico, people say vato, which is borderline vulgar. On the one hand. (n.b.: very common throughout the Spanish-speaking world) pocilga.,f.


Thomas Hobbes Lady Godivas horse: because you are naked and riding. Aguas when you drive over them, because hitting them hard makes everyone in the backseat bounce up and slam their heads into the roof of the car, or worse, gives you a flat tire. (n.b.: this is a very offensive word in Spanish; it can and is used as an interjection, and as an emphatic, too; more details here ) puta madre.f. Chafa Chafa describes something cheap or low quality. (lit.: dog; applies to men only) perro.m. ( verdad, en serio ) is apoco? Pinche mochos y chairos se odian!

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A dictionary of slang - "D" - Slang and colloquialisms of the. A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,. N O, p Q, r S, t U, v W, x Y, z dab hand. A person highly skilled at a given task. E.g."He's a dab hand at programming and web design." da bomb, noun. U.S./Black 1990s dabs, noun. Generally police and criminal vernacular. See 'have a dab on'. Informal daft as a brush.

symbolically betrays Mexico. (lit.: french fry; used mostly in the Cono del Sur region) papafrita.m./f. (lit.: by earliness) por casualidad idiom. This comes from Malinche, Hernan Cortés indigenous translator (and lover) during the conquest of Mexico, widely regarded as a traitor. Theres some debate about whether chilangos are people born there or who moved there later, but for our purpose its any of the 9 million residents of this massive metropolis. Cantina, antro A cantina is a bar and an antro is a nightclub.

Instead of Que onda? A general translation is chamber. To make matters worse para diario idiom. Mandilón This is a guy whose wife or girlfriend is always bossing him around. Another word for picky, stuck-up people is mamón, or mamona for women. Now its time to discuss and mention those names that can make you just laugh over and over again, whenever you use these names, in fact, the women love to call their partner with these names very often.

Slang for, penis : Euphemisms, Names for Dick | Spanish slang for penis

Pigpen; pigsty; disgusting room or place polla.f. This is a truly Mexican word, and to learn the origins and deep thoughts behind it read The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz. Think about English: booze, a brew, getting wasted, pissed, hammered, med fucked up Chela Chelas are beers, also known as cheves. This Mexican Slang Master List is getting a to be a little long, so long that I think I might have to write a sequel with words for crime and punishment, sports, drugs, food, and especially sex. Jimmy, domepiece, alabama black snake, love music, cack. Careful with those dogs. Can be used for encouragement, like Go for it! Exam that covers part of what is taught in a class or course (usually written).

Spanish slang for penis
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spanish slang for penis
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So be careful how you use your Spanish! Pene (Universal) This is the literal word for penis. We're guessing Latino doctors use this the most. Poronga (Argentina, Uruguay) A totally slang word that can mean prick or well you know. Pijo (Spain) A jerk, a spoiled bratOK, how does this translate.

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  1. Hälsa, profiilista Hälsan tapa toteuttaa valmennukset yksilöllisesti, henkilön omat tarpeet huomioiden on ehdottomasti tuloksekkain. Hej, jag heter Jonas Carlström och på den här sidan så undervisar jag företagare och entreprenörer att bli mer lönsamma genom att öka trafiken och sälja dubbelt så mycket på nätet främst via Facebook, Google och e-post marknadsföring. Hier ist die weitestgehend ungefilterte Ideen-Sammelbox. På denna sida kommer vi dock fokusera på herpes i underlivet snarare än herpes i munnen. Herpesblåsor på en kvinna. Elongation of a penis.

  2. If you re going to learn just one piece of Mexican Spanish slang. While verga ( pronounced like burger ) is a generic slang term for penis.

  3. Swear words are the forbidden fruits that make learning. For more variety, you could also try verga, yet another slang for penis. Penis Banano literally means banana and not is too vulgar. Vagina (same word in Spanish but pronounced differently).

  4. Tim was in a hurry and accidentally got his dick caught in his zipper. Tim tenía prisa, y sin querer su verga quedó atrapada en la cremallera. El pito (M) ( slang ).

  5. Quiero tu pito en mi mano. You re a dick.Cállate. Eres un imbécil ( informal) ( slang ) (vulgar) (singular). I don t care what you say about.

  6. In some Latin American countries, pito is referred to. Spanish slang for penis is a word that can be an insect or dick depending on the country. Also a nice play on words joke from Puerto Rico. I ll show you where I want your dick.Te mostraré donde quiero tu verga. Quiero tu pito ( slang ) (vulgar). I want your dick in my hand.

  7. So be careful how you use your. Pene (Universal) This is the literal word for penis. We re guessing Latino doctors use this the most. Additionally, as with any delicate body part, there are several slang terms for penis in, spanish that you ll want to make sure you understand. Referring to penis, Spanish Slang. The real meaning of pito in, spanish is a small flute or whistle.

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