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I would definitely recommend buying one!" - Brooke C Duluth, MN I bought the lightpad to help with my winter blues. My daughter realized after reading about SAD that I had been suffering from this disorder for quite a long time and set out to do what she could to help me get some relief. This year I'm enjoying the season! I also would have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, finding energy to exercise and eat right. Your great guarantee helped give me the confidence to go ahead and give this a try." - Kyle.J. I honestly think everyone should get an Alaska Northern Lights bright light therapy box because the improvements the light causes are priceless!" - Cheryl S Middleton, WI November 14th, 2008 I love my light! It's bright and the light is still very easy on the eyes- not all light boxes are like that. February 2nd, 2016, at first I thought this was way too bright, but I'd never actually seen one of these before.

happy lights vit

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Happy lights vit - M: Verilux HappyLight Full-Size 10,000 lux

Using it is very easy, one button on and it sure holds up to the brightness of any other, even larger lights I've had. Thanks!" - Mary Salzma NA I have been using my NorthStar light box for about a month now and I feel wonderful. We are extremely happy we decided to purchase this lightbox! I have lived in Southeast Alaska for 20 years and have always had difficulty with the dark and grey. We've reviewed light therapy lamps for the past three years. I use it every day and call it my happy light. Thank you Alaska Northern Lights for making such a difference in my day-to-day outlook; I will be forever grateful." - Mildred M Lincoln Park, NJ October 18th, 2011 This is our family? I contacted pump your company on the advise of my doctor. My cat Milo (pictured, because he's so cute) enjoys the time almost as much as I do and sometimes even asks me to turn the light box on by tapping it with his paw. We don't follow a strict regimen of light therapy, but we do turn it on in the main room as soon as we get up in the morning: near-instant grogginess removal." - Bridget.


When making the decision to purchase some type of light therapy, I considered the ease of use. My daughter, Erica has Downs' Syndrome with some complications. I no longer have Seasonal Affect Disorder. It was a gray dreary day when I would normally feel depressed and unmotivated to do anything but thanks to my light box, I was totally unaffected by the weather and I had a fabulous, happy day. Without any needs for medications or pills, I have found an easy way to have more energy, and most importantly, a happier disposition in life! .

The light box really helps and I am very appreciative that I have. Anderson, IN Outstanding products and great service from a company of good people who know their stuff! Suffered is putting it lightly. How could 50 of our recent customers be wrong? It's light and portable enough so that it will be easy to take with. This is the worst possible kind of northern Vermont November day: snowing, 32 degrees, misty, bleak, cold, dank - horrible!

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In August I ordered their Aurora LED Light Pad. This box increased my being alert, increased energy and my mood!" - Connie. I actually hate turning it off when my time is up! I get quieter and less able to be self motivated. I could have found a cheaper one, but with something like this it never pays to go halfway. When my husband and I retired to Oregon, we were both a little worried about how all the gloomy, rainy days would affect. My cat seems to enjoy my Alaska Northern Lights box too.

  • Happy lights vit
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  • Your light box should be medically certified to treat håret SAD and to be fully effective, if must emit a minimum.
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This light box literally saved my life!" - Jutta D Copperas Cove, TX November 9th, 2008 Thanks to my light box I know longer have SAD. Thank you." - Judee D Matamoras, PA I have always struggled in the winter with fatigue and mild depression due to lack of sunshine. Made by Alaska Northern Lights. Wahoo!" - Hilary. About 2 years ago it was found that I had developed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, a cause of hypothyroidism. Great product easy to use." -.


I had to "ramp up" to 30 minutes when I first got the box, as it made me hyper. Even though I have lived in San Diego I still have needed to use it and it has made a huge difference in how I feel during the colder months. Since moving my light box and using it every day, I feel great! It is truely a life saver. Thanks again for making such a great product!" - Sarah G Portland, OR September 20th, 2010 I absolutely love. If you are in the market for a light box, this is truly a five star product and company." -.G. It's silent and doesn't flicker at all (my monitor is probably worse in that regard and the heat output is very minimal. Even during sunny weather it is just too hot to go outside for the light and then there's the risk of skin cancer which my dermatologist warned me about. My winter days are now no different than my summer days.

Happy lights vit - Light, therapy and, vitamin, d Sun Lamp Therapy

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wonderful energy giving light. I live in Minnesota, and I am looking forward to seeing how I feel this winter now that I have the light box. Thank you very much!" - Marah Loft Amhearst, MA Excellent. It makes my life bearable to live in the winter time! About the size of a Kindle, it has three settings for brightness, a separate and very sturdy stand, and it plugs directly into any wall socket. Sunlight is probably the best remedy, but in the absence of that, your product is next on my list. My husband and I thought it might be worth trying light therapy. I seriously felt better and had more energy in the first and second week. When I turned it on this morning I instantly felt an uplift in my spirit. I moved to Washington state two years and suffered the first winter without a light box.

The price was obviously a concern, but it has already been worth the cost." - Anonymous Anonymous October 17th, 2013 The light box really helps my low energy winter blues. Michigan winters are rough. After experimenting for a few weeks I found 1 hour each morning when I get up works very well for. Not to mention much improved mood and sleep. Thank you Alaska Northern Lights have given me many wonderful day." - Brenda.  Neither of us got sick this past winter season.

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I look forward to that time of relaxation in the morning and it makes me feel good to know that I'm getting a positive start to the day. It is a great alternative when there isn't sunshine." - Ryan M Seattle, WA The first thing that drew me to the Aurora LightPad was the size of the light. I sit with it every morning from about October to April and sometimes in the early evening also. I can't believe that just sitting in front of a light box can turkisk make so much difference but it is true. For 8 years, I have suffered from symptoms of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. I was amazed on how much more energy I had and how much easier it was to get out of bed in the morning.

Happy lights vit
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happy lights vit
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