List of countries by penis size

On the flip side, most of the female respondents in the study (85) said that they were satisfied with their partners penis size. Be sure to put some pressure on the ruler until you feel your pelvic bone: This is to make sure that your pubic hair and layer of fat will not mess around with the measurement. Ranks 61 in average erect penis size. However, 68 of women who are with men with penis sizes below the global and national average wish that their partners have larger penises, according to a graduate study from ucla (University of California, Los Angeles) Department of Psychology.  Stop worrying and get on with your life. For example, according to a Mister Poll survey, 81 of more than a thousand female respondents would turn down a very attractive male with a small penis for an average-looking man with a bigger package. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the average length and girth (circumference), worldwide, of an erect and flaccid penis shown in the table below: Erect (hard) penis, flaccid (soft) penis, length.16 inches.11.61 inches.17 cm, girth (circumference).69.

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List of countries by penis size - Average penis length and girth by ethnicity/race

Lets start by comparing a few studies: In the United States: Herbenick et al, Group: 1,661 erect American sexually active men. Buzzfeed, elite Daily m co-article, living map news. They melitta can work wonders if used correctly over a long period of big time. In Centimeters, sudan.1.034, congo.1.034, ecuador.9.526, belgium.4.256, france.3.002 Egypt.2.748 Brazil.2.748 Italy.2.748 Denmark.24 Netherlands.9.986 Sweden.8.732 Greece.8.732 Scotland.8.732 Chile.7.478 Israel. Many men whose penis size is 5 inches or less begin to doubt their size. Age 16:.9 inches (10 cm).9 inches (15 cm). Nonetheless, a few other studies have noticed a pattern, correlation of buttocks size to penis size, but it is still inconclusive). Verdict: Average erect length:.57 inches (14.15cm).


On average, South America is the most well hung continent (6.36 inches). Average erect circumference:.81 inches (12.23cm).  In the past decade, there has been a lot of data published about the range of penis sizes. In the same study, men were asked to rate their penis size. If you do not have a tape measure but you have a ruler, what you can do is to get a strip of paper.

Here is the breakdown of that poll: 44 are confident that their penis is good enough. 19 are overly confident that their penis can satisfy most women. Measure from the pelvic bone to the tip of your penis. Age 18:.3 inches (11 cm).7 inches (17 cm). Ecuador: 7 inches (17.78 cm ghana:.8 inches (17.272cm bottom 3 Countries with the smallest (average penis size).

Countries with the Biggest Dicks - Mandatory - List of countries by penis size

Jonah Falcon who holds that record. North Korea:.8 inches (9.65 cm). Average Penis Size by ner Country, country, in Inches. So what does this all mean? The poll also had male respondents (also more than a thousand and they were asked what and how they felt after reading the womens responses regarding penis size. Age 14:.4 inches (6 cm).5 inches (14 cm).

  • List of countries by penis size
  • also varies by region with an obvious correlation to the average penis size.
  • evolutionary theory of penis size is female mate choice and its associations with social judgements in modern-day society.2731.
  • s been done many other ways before, but here is a nice, easy to read, color-coded chart of countries and average penis sizes by inches.

Its likely that the penis-size debate will last longer than the.S. Also, 61 of them have confided that they have dumped or refused intercourse with males with penis sizes below their expectations. Age 15:.1 inches (8 cm).9 inches (15 cm). Contents, in 2018, the average penis size.16 inches. More than half of the respondents (66) rated their penises as average.


Then, place one end of the ruler on your pelvic bone area it is the hard and somewhat bony area above your penis. This data seems like its a combination of self-reporting and published studies (which often include self reporting because I imagine it would be really awkward to do all day). The United States (and other Caucasian-population countries on the other hand, have a modest average, which is around.1. Age 17:.9 inches (10 cm).3 inches (16 cm). 9 are not confident about their penis size, but they are confident that they can still satisfy women. For a full list to see where your country lies, click here. Also, multiple factors can affect a penis erection: ambient temperature, mood, age, and self-esteem.

List of countries by penis size - Europe According To National

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tip of the penis to the very bottom of the pubic bone. If you want to visualize how long it is, imagine three iPhone 4s stacked upright. Unless youre unique among your local constituents, theres a good chance our map below on the average erect penis sizes around the world contains the hard evidence that has your wood pegged.  Factors such as age and nationality have been seen as significant in some studies but irrelevant in others. Will remain financially solvent. Mark the part of the paper that overlapped, and then measure the strip using the ruler. You may be surprised (disappointed) by where you land with your fellow man, but just remember that this map only represents size and not how you use. The global average.5 inches. Of the 80 countries included, the.S.

If youre an adult with an erect penis length between 5-6 inches, youre average. This is common but can lead to self-esteem issues and a feeling of insecurity. However, according to a 2006 study, there is no connection to ones physique and penis size. Around the World: Top 3 Countries with the largest (average penis size). According to a research review journal from bjui, women are more focused on a mans looks and personality: penis size is not a priority. The biggest takeaway would be that if you were 14 and concerned about your size: dont worry it gets bigger. And on this Internet, there are people like us who find actual penis size statistics and call those liars out when theyre incorrect on being erect.

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Age 10 to 11:.6 inches (4 cm).1 inches (8 cm). According to two studies, almost 90 of women prefer läppen penis with a larger girth than having a longer one. A few (22) rated their penises as large, with the remaining rating their penises as small. In the same poll, 75 of the respondents believe that penis girth and length matter a lot. Only 3 percent of men worldwide are over 8 inches. The country with the smallest average size,.7, is South Korea. And surprisingly, despite the typical racial slurs, the Japanese has a greater stat compared to Americans:.2 average. Wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your penis; it can be the shaft, base, or tip. These are approximate ranges of non-erect (soft) penises.

List of countries by penis size
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list of countries by penis size
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A global survey of penis size is out and American men come in a disappointing 96th out of 116 countries included. The survey by the. Presenting the average penis size by country. Feel free to use our interactive charts to give you an idea how you measure up with the rest of the. A map has revealed the average erect penis sizes of men around the world.

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  1. At the top of the list were the Congo, whose men boasted an average.1 inches. Closely following them were Ecuadorians.0 inches, Ghanaians.8 inches;and Colombians.7 inches. The most well hung country in our study is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (aka Congo with an average.1 inches.-On average, South America is the most well hung continent (6.36 inches).-North Korea has the smallest dick size on average (3.8 inches).-Only. List of major geographic bodies, all ordered according to area The list includes the world and the oceans (rank nrs. 8 the Spratly Islands (claimed by various countries ; nr 256) and the 259 countries and dependencies which are also listed above.

  2. The survey by the. Wondering how you and your country measure up? The United States came in at 5 inches; Australia came in.2 inches.

  3. Penis, size, dick, country. Western African countries such as Ghana, Gabon and the Congo rule the list with an average in excess size of 16 centimetres! According to the survey, India, Thailand and South Korea fall at the bottom, with an average size between.3 and.5 centimetres. A global survey of penis size is out and American men come in a disappointing 96th out of 116 countries included.

  4. Penis Size : Obviously, men and ladies from around the world, have a skewed impression of erect penis size. Female members speculated that the normal was.4 inches, while the men assessed a normal.6 inches. Australia comes in the second-biggest group with an average penis size greater than.7 centimetres - in the same company as Mexico, Norway, Italy and Sweden. The United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom all sit in the middle of the pack with typical penis sizes ranging between.9 and.7 centimetres. Penis Size, worldwide (country ) create MAP.

  5. Out of the 80 countries they researched, the average penis size.5 inches. South America is the most well hung continent.36 inches. While North Korea,.8 inches, takes home the booby prize. Some Interesting Surveys About the Average.

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