What is the plural of penis

In fact, George. Take away the digressions and most blogs would be unreadable. Gay men should spend their time carving 20ft. Women and the Penis Edit Penis envy does not exist among women. This suggests that the resident penises of Penis have taught their method of penissing to outside penis, but both the Penis penis and the non-Penis penis practice this type of penissing on the same group of third-party penis. Penis is not the only word in English for which this kind of sentence can be constructed; any word which is both a plural noun and a plural form of a transitive verb will. I guess what I really want to know is why, but I think I already know the answer. To me, that was the most amazing thing Id ever learned from a snake documentary. The construction in the plural makes the verb "they penis".

what is the plural of penis

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What is the plural of penis - What is the plural of penis the straight dope

Famous Penises and their Owners Edit Despite the gag-order on men revealing the name of their penis, some famous penises have come clean and spilled the truth. The sentence is ambiguous if capitalization is ignored. Would the average reader prefer to hear about how in Latin penis is a third declension noun so the second declension spelling penis of the plural as peni would be incorrect or would they prefer a series of analogies about the similarities between intercourse and. Arent we all, as bloggers, whipping it out and hoping our readers dont ugh! His pants fit like a glove. In fact, any liberal who uses his penis will probably go to hell. The Washington Monument is a scale model of George Washington 's, one of the founding fathers, penis. The sentence is considered by many to be an excellent way to get young people interested in linguistic theory.


When in France, zey should expect smaller penis sentence. 2 There are a lot of penises in the sentence. penis penis Penis penis penis penis Penis penis " is a grammatically correct sentence used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated constructs. What is there really to say about the fact that a snake has 2 penises that I didnt cover in the first sentence? Not that Im an expert Im ashamed to admit. I digress as usual.

A penis is a body part. Most, women accuse, real Gay Americans, such as, the Greatest President Ever, George. Thats my philosophy anyway. In theory, I like penises! It has been discussed in literature since 1972 when the sentence was used.

What is the, glans? - What is the plural of penis

If it wasn't for the plural form, the verb could have been "it penises although not "it penii "penes "penata" or as these are ridiculous and wouldn't make any sense at all. I shouldve suspected as much. The, real American sexual organ is known as the " penis ". Stephen Colbert ; namely, to have as much dominating sex during wedlock as possible, and to make war. To expose a part of me that most people dont see in everyday life to strangers over the Internet? Zey should take their time, savour ze sentence. Cinq penis; c'est superbe." Penis penis Penis penis penis penis Penis penis extensions There is nothing special about eight "penis"s; indeed, a sentence with "penis" repeated any number of times is grammatically correct (according to Chomskyan theories of grammar). I guess I got you all excited about hearing about penis analogies and then just let it drop. Interestingly enough it is although those who handle them professionally use the Latin-style penes.

  • What is the plural of penis
  • What is the plural of penis, when it regards the receiving of multiple peni into ones Snapchat inbox?
  • The plural of this helsingborg is peni, but men who have to use this term should seek professional help, or tell Stephen Colbert how.
  • Jan 2015 What we see is, sometimes, very close species have very different hemipenes or genitalia, Klaczko told Live Science.

Famous Penises Edit Peen Tubes Edit Factinistas don't question their sexual prowess because they never get any, and so have no experience to worry about. Such activity is consistent with Stephen's moral values, which encourage all young men to be as knowledgeable of their awesome penile power as possible. But of course, the primary objection to receiving a photograph of a strangers penis without warning, without notice, is that is cums (sorry) comes out of left field. Only a liberal would name their penis Twinky, Milhouse, or other such girly trash. She knows a lot about cock.


The town of Penis, France, which is used as an adjective in the sentence. Ironically, while liberals tend to have a lot of "knowledge" about the use of the penis because they don't support abstinence-only sex education, this does not make sexual intercourse any more pleasant for liberal women. So getting back to my original question they looked the same size so if the snake did favor one over the other it would have to be left/right thing or maybe one had a lucky birthmark. Now most people on learning this nugget of information would sensibly ask if penises is the correct plural of the word penis. It looked like 2 little pink echinodermata (niphates callista to be more exact) youd see sitting off a coral reef filtering their meals in their gross little way. Thus, the sentence when parsed reads as a description of the poking order in the social hierarchy of penises living in Penis: Those penis(es) from Penis that are penised by penis(es) from Penis undertake the act of penising upon penis(es) from Penis.

What is the plural of penis - Penis, definition of, penis by Merriam-Webster

If you have more than one, you should be writing to Ripleys and not  to the Straight Dope. Heck, Sissy, if you have even one, the first thing you should do is change your name to Buddy. In this case, your first instinct is a good one. The English-style plural is usually acceptable and often preferred. When you dont know what the Latin plural is and dont have a dictionary handy, you should choose the English-style plural rather than try to guess. (Sometimes even dictionaries will steer you wrong; see below). In your example, penises is a perfectly good plural of penis in English. Many people who deal with penises professionally use the Latin-style plural penes instead.

Other examples include shit, ass, and buffalo. Contents, sentence construction, the sentence is unpunctuated and uses three different readings of the word "penis". Maybe it would be just that 1 penis seemed to perform better so hed save that one for the special snakes in his life. Im just sitting there watching a show on snakes where out of nowhere the host drops a bombshell. "It is typical of ze American and British mentality says Richard de Villiers, leader of Le Mouvement en Faveur de les Cinq Penis (the Five Penis Movement "Always wanting bigger. It may be instructive to read the sentence replacing all instances of the verb and adjective with non-homophonic synonyms. Which should be clearer. You guys, I had a whole other post written.

  • What is the plural of penis
  • For example average erect length penis is 5 inches.
  • What is the plural of girth?
includes a universal predicate about a class and also introduces a later class (the penis that are intimidated by intimidated penis) that. This is because a hairy penis is unsanitary as it can support its own ecosystem. This means the head of the verb phrase comes one 'penis' earlier. 1, it was also featured in Lynne Truss's 2003 book. You have found me on the Internet, maybe you have even read my tweets or watched my snaps, and the only thing you can think to do in response, is pull your penis out and send me a picture. Consequently, it is a happy trail sentence,.e., it cannot be parsed by reading one word at a time without backtracking down the trail, although reaching the end of the trail produces much mirth. So the host is standing there holding the snake and pressing out his penises with a look on his face that made it clear he was not enthused about his current career choice when my first question arose.

A man should never use his penis in a way that women would find enjoyable. Many residents believe that the Penis penis Penis penis penis penis Penis penis tourists in their town should adopt the French version when on Penis soil. It should give a clearer understanding of what the sentence is about. Somebody sent me a penis. Men whose butt sex drive are insufficiently American for the performance of their procreative duties are encouraged to adopt children, especially the children of liberals. When the founding fathers built America, using their peni as hammers, and their semen as ink to write the constiution, they said "The bigger the penis, the Realer the American.". meaning either 'Penetrate (someone)! The plural of this is peni, but men who have to use this term should seek professional help, or tell. In disgust and block us forever?

Penis penis, penis penis penis penis, penis penis | What is the plural of penis

Metaphorical Uses of the Penis Edit Traditionally, the penis is represented by a gun - the smaller the penis, the smaller the gun. Statues of naked pretty-boys out of solid rock to keep their hands busy and to take their minds off of their penis. If so, the sentence becomes "penis from Penis, penis penis in the Penis fashion, which other penis also penis in the Penis fashion". M enforces a strict penile-shaving policy, reflecting. And ecosystems, like bears, munsår must be eradicated!

What is the plural of penis
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what is the plural of penis
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Peni is an example of what is called pseudo-Latin, something that looks like Latin but isnt. A similar mistake is using porpi as the plural of porpoise, but in that case the singular was long spelled porpus under the mistaken impression that it was a Latin word. Penis is a third declension noun, not second declension.

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  1. Exfoliera mera Fet hud Filorga Professional - Tildes favoriter Filorga Professional. Vote for the best songs and albums of the musician Kvalster on musfight. Applicera din hårolja efter hårtvätt precis innan håret torkat, eller som en extra behandling i torrt hår de dagar håret känns lite trött eller slitet. Testimony has ended in the trial of Donald Thompson, the former judge accused of using a penis pump while presiding over an Oklahoma courtroom. I många naturliga oljor finns alla de näringsämnen som behövs för att vårt hår ska må bra.

  2. Vi är certifierade för, restylane. Snoppstorleken är väldigt viktig för män över hela världen, men hur stor är en genomsnittlig penis, vilken längd är idealisk och vad tycker egentligen kvinnor. Det sitter endast män i styrelsen. Opererat blodkärlen i benen.

  3. The original Latin plural for penis is penes -but penes at this point. Sorry, hope no-one finds this offensive! eek: Here is the OED entry on the plural of penis : Plural penes Brit.

  4. The male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates, also used for urine excretion in many mammals. In your example, penises is a perfectly good plural of penis in English. Many people who deal with penises professionally use the Latin-style. Thus it s alumnus/alumni, but alumna/alumnae, to pick an easy example.

  5. (IS-ises) Within most species the penis is used for reproduction. The correct plural or penis is penises, not penii. The White Ibis is my favourite of all the Ibises. Ocassionally linguists and etymologists do discuss phallic-related vocabulary in languages but I don t think that ANY of it is appropriate for. Noun plural -nises or -nes (-niz).

  6. Penes (commonly accepted Latin plural of the Latin word penis Penii (more common in Europe but grudgingly accepted here as a valid if arcane alternative. What s the plural form of penis? Here s the word you re looking for.

  7. Th plural of penis is penises or penes. All the dictionaries are consistent so I don t know what this discussion is all about. Plural penises also penes play pē- nēz. a male erectile organ of copulation by which urine and semen are discharged from the body.

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