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Elegant with built-in cabins for listening. It was in the early 1980s that Japanese record collectors began to study the history of record companies and learned to identify different pressings according to the design and color of the labels, street addresses and other characteristics of the vinyls and the covers. He sells both CD and vinyl, both new and used. The first specialist record shop for collectors was Golden Oldies on St Eriksgatan. Sten Berglind was told by chance that the records would be sold in auction through the city authorities. It was opened in the late 1940s and was sold in the 1950's to a man called Helge.

peter thomas roth åhlens

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Peter thomas roth åhlens - Stockholm Record Stores Nostalgia - Birka Jazz

It closed in 2001. Despite success and a good reputation, Andreas got tired after 6 years. The stores name is understood from the classic LP with Creedence Clearwater. He had no idea what it was. Boken finns i handeln och kan. It meant the end for the store at Vasagatan. It was a small hip import shop with British bra pop, punk, new wave, synth pop, psykedelica etc. And dad got right, says one of Roland's daughters today. It was run by an older couple who mainly dealed with 78's to collectors.


Also he is a friendly man who likes to talk memories of old record stores. He is not so fond of expensive rarities. And he often goes to the United States and deals. Stefan Dahlberg, like many others, was able to offer his private record collection to get started. The drawing above was published in the newspaper DN in December 1984, and shows how it looks downstairs in the shop a Friday afternoon. It was often quite chaos in the shop. But he was not completely satisfied: - I thought I gave Swedish collectors the opportunity to get over the really big jazz rarities, he says. Then had the knowledge about collecting first pressings and things like that, increased in Sweden. It's fun to buy interesting records that everyone can afford.

It was founded in 1971 by Erland Jylow and is owned today by Micke Goulos. Roland Bergendahl had four daughters who during their school hours all helped in the shops during the holidays and weekends. He could be perceived as inconvenient sometimes, a little angry, and variedly talkative and silent. It was one of the leading import stores in town and many seem to have sweet memories from there.

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Gustaf Wollrath is a little worried. We bought too much records, covered too many fields, and ended up in financial problems The company went bankrupt in the early 1990s. He brought penis the recordings by Sun Ra on ESP and Saturn to Sweden, like all the other avant-garde recordings from ESP. Anderssons Antkvariat och huvudsakligen handlade med begagnade skivor. You saw the record covers through the window and there were records you wanted. Not many customers today.

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The second pictures are from the Blue Tower in the early 1990s. There you get an explanation of why there is a 20 kr banknote stuck in the ceiling in front of the counter. House of Oldies is the name of the record store for used records located at Torsgatan. Two shops (one on the other side of the street with hip hop as specialty) and with his home department upstairs from the larger store. If you are questioning him after memorable concerts he has been on, he mentions two: Weather Report 1976 and Gang of Four 2005.


The store in Birger Jarlspassagen became a yarn shop. It was downstairs, a little half-dark, a little shabby. Den startades av Leif Collin redan 1965. He had his own imports from the United States and a rare ability to find odd, locally released records and new and unknown artists. Det tog mig en vecka att bara packa. The owner Nils Selander. Delicious Goldfish Records i Solna. And Kulturcirkeln was the only place in town where you could find the new European free jazz records.

Peter thomas roth åhlens - Gynekologsnack - Kvinna iFokus

Boken finns i handeln och kan. The Birka Jazz feature Stockholm Record Stores Nostalgia has now become a book! It's greatly expanded compared to the web version (below) and will be released last week in September. The book is written in Swedish, with 300 pages and 400 illustrations. It's the first documentation of its kind, a story about virtually all record stores that have been in Stockholm for the past 100 years. About how they looked and about the people they are associated with, owners and employees. And a lot about the records they sold. Under this heading, I have posted a blog series on Facebook about old record stores in Stockholm, both regular shops and shops for used records. I started with my own shop on Birkagatan in the late 1990s and looked backwards.

it's maybe a half one once in a week. It became a turning point in his life. Lasse Larsson is from Uppsala. The shop is small and has not changed very much over the years, even though the owners have changed.

Certainly the only one in town used in a record shop. People discovered that we were fast with the news and most people saw the promo stamp as a bonus. The Blue Notes, for example, that cost 10,000 kronor or more. Sound Pollution i Gamla Stan. Whats the best thing with that?

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The store had several special departments, including jazz for wich Bo Scherman was responsible. It was around 1972. He had previously had the Jeepster record shop, in the corner of Tulegatan-Odengatan. Eriksgatan, but over the years the shop has become more and more a record shop. Their business idea was to sell LPs turkisk from US surplus stocks, such as cutouts that had drill holes or cut corners. Visst, svarade Harald, men det kostar 300.

Peter thomas roth åhlens
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peter thomas roth åhlens
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