Is having a curved penis bad

Answered, in, as long as your curved penis doesn't prevent you from having sex, or as long as it doesn't bother you, there is nothing that you need to do about. Forget about rough masturbation, dont get too carried away by the sensation of the deed. This goes double for the penis. It has the potential to change your sex life forever. But for now, it is crucial the men protect and take good care of their penises to avoid acquiring such medical condition. And you probably know that a man's penis is his pride and joy. Unless it is causing painful or the inability to have intercourse it doesn't need to be corrected, and is just a variation of normal. Answered, in, you really can't, that curve is usually a last part of puberty but still wait t'll the curve is gone.

is having a curved penis bad

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Is having a curved penis bad - Curved, penis at Home - Straighten Your, penis

Your penis curves for almost the same reason that some people have straight utan or wavy hair. According to some women, penises that slightly bent has the capability to reach the vaginal walls where womens so-called G-Spot is located. You know how some vibrators are shaped oddly, like, differently than a penis? It means that when a penis is erect it curved upwards while some erect penises are just straight. There are "straight" penises, U-curve penises and N-curve penises. If he has these symptoms, it would be best that your dude sees a doctor right away to play it safe. On the contrary, there are some claims that say the bent penis is better for sex than the normal straight penis. But for most men those blood vessels are not identical in makeup to the penis that houses them.


In fact, it will change with gravity, because that's what gravity does. I suppose if you insisted you might get it done by surgery, but you'd get a huge risk of complications compared to the fairly pointless "gain" you might get. Both straight and curved penises are considered normal. No matter how much time you've spent considering the glory of his penis, he's definitely spent roughly 1000 more time thinking about. It is normal to have some sort of bend in an erect penis and nothing to worry about unless it is giving pain. Most penises do, you are normal. Though a bent penis is considered a better kind of penis for sexual intercourse, there is a condition that men should always be aware. Some men's penises curve to the left, some to the right, some up, and some down, and these are all considered variations of normal.

Bent penis can definitely affect the men but not necessarily in a bad ways. People also ask, what Is The Risk of having A Bent Penis? It is nothing strange or uncommon. In Uncategorized, no, you are one in the huge majority of men who's penis is curved. If you look at a flaccid penis and notice a little bit of curvature, that's totally normal.

Is having a curvy penis a bad thing? - Is having a curved penis bad

No, it is quite normal. Penis, which is slightly bent, is surely not a broken penis. If you notice that your dude's got a curved penis or at least bent more than what you would deem normal, there are 6 things you need to know. Reprinting this article: Non-commercial use OK, cite m with clickable link. Curving of the penis is completely natural and is not changed by masturbation or any natural physical influences. People also search for How to Protect Your Penis? So if you have this kind of penis, instead of worrying too much about it, might as well use it to your advantage by knowing the perfect sex position for such kind of penis. Masturbation, cAN cause a bent penis.

  • Is having a curved penis bad
  • But if you have a more significant bend in your penis, which may cause you pain or difficulty having sex, see your GP or go mat to your local genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic.
  • Lots of guys have curved penises, but sometimes a bent penis is a sign of something serious.
  • If you notice that your dude's got a curved penis or at least bent more than what you would deem normal, there are 6 things you need to know.

If it's a more notable curvature and doesn't 'right itself' by swapping to southpaw, it may be a sign that you incurred some injury at some point and scar tissue has formed within it causing lowered blood flow to one side lessening inflation. The shorter muscles are the direction the penis is pointing. They are each special snowflakes. 1 person found this useful, many men have a curved penis. Then you bend it up towards your belly and just repeat this until the tissue grows like that.


Answered, in, discomfort, poor blood flow, difficulty getting a woman pregnant. But remember, if you notice that the curve is getting worse, it wont harm you to consult a doctor and seek for his advice. One of the said causes of Peyronies disease is through an injury or trauma that may have impaired the tissue on the penis. And actually, you should be very proud that your penis curves.

Is having a curved penis bad - Over A Straight One

Do you think that a combination of Neprinol and vitamin E will be effective in helping my Peyronies disease? Greetings, There is no way to tell ahead of time if any Peyronies treatment plan will be effective. . No matter what plan you start with, it is always a guess to know at the start of care if it will help. . The eventual treatment plan a man uses to eliminate his PD is determined by its ability to influence the PD scar. . Each person has different needs, and this prevents one treatment idea from being the solution for everyone. .   It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of any plan by looking for changes in the size, shape, density and surface features of your scars while you following your treatment. . You can start with any type of plan you believe might help you, but it is the response of the  scar tissue that guides and determines type of therapy that is used and at what dosage.

However, by doing so regularly, you might injure your penis which may lead to Peyronies disease. This actually works if you do it once a day. If his penis is super bent when he's erect, there's a name for that. A Curved penis can truly make your woman want more if used the right way. It can be something serious. An erect penis normally bends. No it's not a big deal just ask you doctor what to do to make it unbent. In fact, by having a rough sex you are also expressing your feelings or your real emotions towards the deed. If it's caused by being a lefty or a righty, don't worry everyone's is curve somewhat.

  • Is having a curved penis bad
  • On the other hand, till there are many claims which say that having a bent penis has advantages over the straight one.
  • It's common for the penis to curve slightly to the left or right when it's erect.
usual, a urethral obstruction could be to blamed. You cannot change it without surgery, and that will only be done if it is necessary. Up to this date, this theory is just part of the doctors speculation on the cause. Fret not as curved penis is a common thing. If you are a woman who enjoys spending sexy time with men, then the chances are fairly high that when it comes time to talk about the penis, you have seen your fair share. That's because of what happens to the body during an erection.

Masturbating with too much force or without lubrication can cause damage that leads to scar tissue which, as we've covered, leads to a bend or a curve in the penis that wasn't there to begin with. If his curved penis bends to the south, you guys should try out the doggy style sex position. The external penis moves around its internal parts, which can cause for a totally normal amount of curvature. It's totally normal for an erect penis to curve slightly to the left or the right or, uh, north or south. Though curved penis may be an inborn thing, or it may happen naturally, you can maintain a healthy straight penis without bent by protecting your penis from any injuries. The muscles that are inside the penis when it is erect are slightly different length. Probably even more than your fair share, you little minx!

Is it normal to have a curved penis? | Is having a curved penis bad

Everyone is mat different, it is unique to you. There is likely a genetic link behind the phenotypes. However, this theory is yet to be proven. It's common in men over 40 and is highly treatable if caught early. If you do feel that you need to have it corrected, you can talk to your doctor about what can be done about.

Is having a curved penis bad
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is having a curved penis bad
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Is having A Curved Penis Bad? Im in a crazy situation right now and i need someone to tell me that itll. Its to tough to tell this situation to my fam and friends u kno? So anyway i have a curved penis that curves to the right when its erected.

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  1. There is no need to worry about having an examination: it may. The penis may curve up, down or to either side. Severe changes in the shape of the penis may prevent the man from having intercourse. Men who have Peyronie s disease may have trouble having sex.

  2. Of 30 degrees or more, especially if you have problems having sex. Every penis is bit bent and a slight bend upwards is not just normal but desirable. If the bend is particularly bad, surgery can improve matters.

  3. However, if your penis is curved and you have bad pain when you get. Curved penis is not unusual. It should actually give you more pleasure and stimulation provided that you are fully aroused and lubricated otherwise it may cause. Learn where on the spectrum the curvature of your penis falls under, from. A longer penis will tend to have an erection that points downward. In Peyronie s disease, scar tissue makes the penis bend or curve during.

  4. There is nothing to fret as having a curved penis is as normal as having a straight. Curved penis may affect men who possess it, but not always in a bad way. But if you have a more significant bend in your penis, which may cause you pain or difficulty having sex, see your GP or go to your local genitourinary medicine. However, in severe cases, the curve in the penis can make having sex difficult, painful or even impossible. Peyronie s disease may also lead. It s completely normal (and common) to have a penis that curves to the.

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