Slang words for penis

What other gross slang words for penis have you heard? Staff of life (1836). Altar of Venus (1584). This list is legendary - venomouskillingmachine "You have a small D" "He's got a small D what's scary about this? Cyprian scepter (1653). Ladys low toupee (1721). Master John Goodfellow (1653). (If you dont see any words on the timelines, zoom out using the bar on the right.) They show that metaphors based on weapons and food have always been popular and that vulgarity is nothing new. Photo Source: Shutterstock, one-Eyed Monster.

slang words for penis

Slang Words for Penis - Funny Nicknames for Penis

Slang words for penis - 12 Gross Slang Words For Penis That Will Make

40 Wanker 41 Stick 42 Jimmies 43 Choad 44 Worm 45 Fireman 46 Hose 47 Thing 48 Beowulf 49 Gin Rummy 50 Mustachio P Search List All Top Ten Lists 9 Miscellaneous. SwagFlicks, this top ten list has penis in the title the words don't need to be censored. Lexicographer and slang expert, jonathon Green has been producing a series of timelines based on his comprehensive historical dictionary of slang, Greens Dictionary of Slang. Don Cypriano (1653). Look what you've done! Roundtree 12, pee Pee, my dad used this frase all the time when I was a kid because he och didn't want to say penis at his children. Photo Source: Shutterstock Pipecleaner Nothing like referring to someone's body as a pipe! V 1 Comment 3, c please put "Manpipe" on this list!


Matrimonial peacemaker (1708). keycha1n, the Contenders 11,. Petticoat lane (1790). Arbor vitae (1732). Tell us in the comments below!

Fancy article (1822). You know what Perez Hilton said about Dwayne Johnson's penis? Dwayne Johnson should give Ashley Tisdale a blowjob in a 2022 movie! Photo Source: Shutterstock Pork Sword Get out of here. 19 Manpipe Are you happy now this is on the list? Photo Source: Shutterstock, basilisk.

Slang words for male genitalia Urban Thesaurus The - Slang words for penis

4, pecker 5, little Jimmy 6, weiner, so thats why a dachshund is called a weiner dog. Don't bring anything, harry Potter related into this! Hotdog 8, king Snake, snake in the bush 9, willy, silly old willy! Bobbythebrony, the Top Ten 1, d this is what I hear every single male at my school call their. Since we already explored vagina slang, lets check out some penis slang words: Meat Puppet, sTOP. Photo Source: Warner Brothers, disco Stick.

  • Slang words for penis
  • He recently added timelines for vagina and penis.
  • (If you dont see any words.
  • Here are 35 of the classiest sounding slang terms for vagina and.

Photo Source: Shutterstock, love Steak. Some people with the name Johnson have a penis. Gentleman usher (1719). Road to a christening (1903 penis. Photo Source: Shutterstock Which word do you hate the most? 14 Jackhammer cool 15 Iggy The Stooges God I love that band WHY IS manpipe NOT ON this list?!


A tribute to Macklemores best song. Django (played by Master Michael Sirota) in a nightmare scene of a Ratatouille parody known as "Ratapenniss" 13 Muscle penis IS muscle! Natures treasury (1635). This is just unfair to anyone with "Johnson" in their name. You can reach this posts author, Caitlin Corsetti, on Twitter and Instagram! 20 Junk 21 Mickey Gross list but Mickey Mouse will not be proud 22 Horn 23 Sausage 24 Banana 25 Pickle 26 Little Fish 27 The D 28 Wang 29 Lizard 30 Goober 31 Anaconda 32 The Human Tail 33 Malaquias 34 King Dong. Photo Source, flute, just think about that mental image for a second.

Slang words for penis - Words for Penis Slang Wiki fandom powered by Wikia

English Vocabulary, eASY slang words, slang words have their own prominence and they have their own significant importance for its usage of daily ang words play their role in describing their meaning with deep root and slang words are used to speak less and say. Take the mickey, easy Slang Words. To tease or mock. Throw shade-, easy Slang Words-, to insult or say something unkind about someone. I cant believe he said that. He just threw some serious shade. Tosh, easy Slang Words.

Fubbs parlor (1823). Google's penalty against this site). You've got water on my friendly old bum! He recently added timelines for vagina and penis.

  • Slang words for penis
  • There are so many slang words for penis, mage maybe because its the human organ that fascinates us most.
  • Weve compiled all slang ways people say penis.
saying penis in public until youre basically yelling. Photo Source: Shutterstock, johnson. I, personally, love it when my vag is referred to as a Hot Pocket, you know? Also that IS terrifying. 16 Godzilla LOL - onholiday 17 Kiwi 18 Snake penis:.

Mount Pleasant (1748). Because people are so embarrassed to refer to body parts by their scientific names, even more embarrassing slang terms for were created! Photo Source: Shutterstock, pecker, if any guy is making a woodpecker-like motion, I kindly advise you to not do that because it doesn't feel good. Photo Source: Shutterstock, anaconda, i'm sorry, but like, I'm afraid of snakes and I know a lot of the population is too. As in "You may have a trouser snak but I pack a manaconda - Johnnyt800 36 Killer Croc 37 Button 38 Noodle 39 Ding-A-Ling My Ding-A-Ling My Ding-A-Ling I want you to play with my ding-a-ling! Pioneer of nature (1653).

Top Ten Slang Words for Penis - TheTopTens | Slang words for penis

Now shut up and eat your pee-pee. Venerable monosyllable (1796). God forbid anyone utters the word vagina out loud. Fleece munsår Johnson Has a big penis. You silly ol' willy! Credentials (1895) Subscribe to our Newsletter! Also, I think about pipe-cleaners as those things I used in arts and crafts as a child.

Slang words for penis
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slang words for penis
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A list of slang words for penis. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary s slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus). This list of Afrikanerisms comprises slang words and phrases influenced by Afrikaans and other African languages. Typical users include people with Afrikaans as their first language but who speak English as a second language and people living in areas where the population speaks both English and Afrikaans. Lgbt slang, lgbt speak or gay slang is a set of slang lexicon used predominantly among lgbt people. It has been used in various languages, including English and Japanese, since the early 1900s as a means by which members of the lgbt community can identify themselves and speak in code with brevity and speed to other lgbts.

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  1. Pego (archaic, slang ) penis ; peter ( slang ) phallus; pickle ( slang ) piece WS pike (obsolete) pingas; pink cigar; pintle (dialect) pipe; pisser; pizzle (Australia, UK) plonker (British) pork sword;. Here is a comprehensive list of all words that refer to the penis : Cock, Dick, Dong, Johnson, John Thomas, Knob/Nob, Love Muscle, Member, One-eyed Monster, Pecker. There is a great deal of human creativity on display in this domain, especially when it comes to the most polite terms. Here are 35 of the classiest sounding slang terms for vagina and penis from. Thesaurus for penis from the Collins English Thesaurus Dictionary definition A man s penis is the part of his body that he uses when urinating and when having sex.

  2. What does your guy call his? Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

  3. I dont really know when this started, but theres a game where you take turns saying penis in public until youre basically yelling. Its hilarious because penis is genitalia and LOL were not supposed to talk about that stuff, right?! God forbid anyone utters the word vagina out loud. Thats just asking for trouble. We asked the authors and real guys to share with us some of their nicknames for their junk.

  4. May I recommend a timeline I have created to trace the 1,300 terms (and there are very likely others) that slang has created to identify the penis. Find words with this meaning on The Online. Slang, dictionary s slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus). Browsing page 1 of words meaning male genitalia (217 words total). See more words with the same meaning: penis.

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